Getaway Girls has been empowering girls and young women for the past 28 years and is the only young women’s organisation in Leeds. The organisation is important locally, regionally, nationally, within the youth work sector and the Women’s Sector. Getaway Girls demonstrates that women’s centred strengths based approaches work effectively when supporting disadvantaged young women. We support very vulnerable young women who face a range of risks and vulnerabilities to transform their lives.

Getaway Girls has become established as a key organisation in Harehills and in Leeds and has strong partnerships. The organisation is represented at a strategic level and has solid operational level partnerships with statutory and third sector organisations and is involved in the range of networks and forums throughout the City. When Getaway Girls started 28 years ago it was a very different climate for Girls work and for youth work in general. We were one of many girls projects throughout the country, there was a Girls Resource centre in Leeds and a National organisation for work with girls and young women. These have all now ended and Getaway Girls is one of a small number of girls and young women’s organisations throughout the country focusing on empowering young women to lead the Lives they want. On a local level we have responded to this challenge by establishing Women’s Lives Leeds in July 2015. a consortium of 12 key Women and Girls organisations in Leeds. The consortium’s holistic response will ensure that women and girls with complex and multiple issues are enabled to make positive changes, offer Improved and extended access for women and girls in Leeds to the support they want, when and where they choose. Women and girls will be empowered to support their peers and influence service development, delivery and design across the city.

It is also a challenging time for Youth Work with reductions in Youth Work across the country. Getaway Girls continue to offer effective support through strength based Youth Work approaches. The Director won the National Youth Work Award in 2014 based on 35 years of supporting vulnerable young people.