What I do

I am one of the specialist CSE workers at Getaway girls, I also run and deliver a Voice & Influence group.

What I did before

In my previous job I was an emotional well-being support worker. I worked in secondary schools across Leeds offering 1.1 support for both boys and girls from age 11-18, my role also involved delivering group work in both primary and secondary schools around healthy relationships and transitioning from primary school to secondary school.

A bit about me

Everyone calls me “T” and I love working with young people, empowering them and giving them the necessary tools/ voice to feel good about themselves and their lives.  I enjoy listening to music (all genres), reading, playing sports, dancing and I also do a bit of acting when I am not working at Getaway girls.  I love to meditate and am a big believer in being positive and being optimistic about life, I can be quite silly and don’t take myself too seriously 🙂  having a laugh with family and good friends is what’s important to me!