What I do
I work on the Help through Crisis team as a Crisis Hardship worker.
I support young women aged 16 – 25 with immediate crisis problems such as housing/benefits etc. I work closely with other organisations to make sure that the young woman gets the right support for them.
What I did before
I have worked in the support field for a very long time now. What got me here to begin with is supporting a close family member with learning disabilities and mental health, I realised at this point I would always want to help people who are vulnerable. I started from working with Leeds City Council to helping the homeless and now young people.
I’m now work at Getaway Girls and love the work that goes on here helping young women.
A little bit about me
I absolutely love dancing and music, keeps me balanced haha. I try get to the gym 3 or 4 times a week but having 2 young children can make that difficult at times. I love tattoos and find this a way to express myself, it is definitely a form of art.