What I do

I’m the Director of Getaway Girls. I manage the service to ensure we are making a difference for young women in Leeds.

I oversee the planning, produce the Business Plan, manage staff and resources, raise the funds, establish successful partnerships, oversee the monitoring and evaluation, ensure young women’s voice and influence is embedded within our work, produce reports and hold celebration events.

What I did before

I started as a volunteer within IVS Teenage project.  I loved the work so much that 35 years later I’m still involved in youth and community work.

I’ve worked in lots of different settings including community projects, drugs projects, housing support, health promotion, family support etc.

I won the NYA National Youth work Award in 2014 and was invited to the House of Commons.

I moved into managing young people’s services which I’ve been doing for the past 20 years.

I was involved at the beginning of Getaway Girls in 1987 and have watched the project grow and develop. I’ve always wanted to be the manager of Getaway Girls so I was really excited when I got the job in March 2010

A bit about me 

I love to spend time with my two amazing grandchildren and watch them grow. I enjoy going to the theatre and love live music.


07535 877093