What I do
I work on two projects at GG . Open Doors and the ‘Proud to be mum group’
Open Doors
This  is a service for young women ages 16 to 25 years old.  We help them during the most difficult of times and when they are experiencing a crisis situation. This might be a housing, financial or health crisis where that young women needs to have someone who can be ‘with her’ and support her through the stages of getting through that crisis.  This work is fulfilling and worthwhile and  I am really pleased to be part of a project that helps young women to move forward with their lives in a positive way.
Proud to be mum
This is a group of young mums or young pregnant women who meet weekly to socialise, help and support one another. Young mothers aged 16 to 21yrs come together to  share their experiences and have fun.
Yes… they are mothers but we also realise that they are young women with aspirations, dreams and goals.  We help to support them and also have many activities with and without their children, some educational and some just for Fun! We have food together ,provide a cheche and pay for transport.  I really enjoy facilitating this group, it is lovely to see the children grow but just as wonderful to see the mums grow  in their abilities and confidence too.
What a welcoming, fun  group this is.

What I did before
My background is that I am a Nurse, Midwife and specialist parenting advisor ( Baby Steps trainer), I am a Health Improvement specialist and have worked with young people throughout my long career. I have worked in many areas in the UK and in other countries. I have worked with many  mothers from differing cultures and backgrounds.
I am passionate about mothers and babies and ideally want them to be happy, healthy and for all to reach their full potential ,whatever that may be for them.