What I did before

Where do I start?  I’ve worked EVERYWHERE, I’ve been an IT & Customer Services Trainer for a large international brewery, I’ve managed young people’s services, I’ve even been a Centre Manager for a Community Arts organisation but providing intensive support for young women is where my real passion lies and I’m lucky enough to be doing that now at Getaway Girls.  I’ve been supporting young people for over 15 years and don’t ever want to do anything else. My favourite EVER piece of work was working on the Changing Labels Heritage Lottery project at Getaway Girls in 2013 where I supported a group of young women researching teenage fashion over the years…it was a fantastic project and I loved every minute of it.

A bit about me 

Passionate about fashion, addicted to social media, LOVE live music and exploring the Lakes and Dales (it’s the only way I can recharge my batteries)!


07535 877137