So now you know a little bit about what this blog is all about, we’re sure you’re all wondering who’s behind the scenes running the show, you know, selecting the articles, making cups of tea, eating cake….*sighs* it’s such hard work!

Anyway enough about that….we thought you might want to know a little bit about who is actually behind the keyboard?  So here goes…..


Hey, people of the world, I am that girl…Rachel. I’m a teenager living life, chilling out, sitting back and watching the world go by, as I think: maybe I should actually get up and do something with myself, yet I continue to do nothing!

Here are some things about me you probably don’t care about knowing and don’t make sense: I like playing sport, especially basketball, but I can’t stand exercise, I enjoy leaving the house and being outdoors yet, when I have the choice it is not something I do often, I don’t like doing nothing, but at the same time I don’t like doing things, the list of my contradictory life goes on and on. I love music, food, American t.v. series, being around family and friends, relaxing, hot weather, clothes, and (call me a nerd) I like maths. My whole life is constant procrastination.

What do I want to do in the future, you don’t ask, to be honest a serious career I have no idea, I wish to travel the world with no responsibility, go to all these amazing places, and live a free, happy life, become a millionaire overnight, create something the world needs, live a life of luxury, but will this happen I doubt so, so until then who knows what I’ll achieve? I’m laid back to say the least, what people think about me, who cares? Probably not the most sane person, but hey ho, I’m a self-proclaimed weirdo, actually, one of a kind, unique. But I’ll quit rambling now, assuming that you haven’t stopped reading already!


I’m that girl Rebecca, who loves, arts and crafts, reading and most of all sleep, I’m a pretty relaxed person, who goes with the flow and loves baking cookies, flapjacks and cupcakes as well as, watching American drama series and Disney movies, of which my  favourites are Princess and the frog and Tangled. In the future I would love to travel to different countries such as Hawaii, Brazil, Canada, Japan and Dubai to see and experience, different ways of life and cultures as well as sampling the native cuisines. Crazy fact: i’m the youngest of four, yes four daughters and a twin (not identical) who surprisingly, gets along with all three of my sisters although sometimes there is a long line for the bathroom. We are all a bit bonkers, and brutally honest, which to me is the best way to be, as well as laid back and strong willed and full of opinions.


Hi, I’m Kelechi, I am a very friendly and cheerful person. I love meeting new people. I am a very positive minded person and I believe that being positive helps me to have a good relationships with people around me. I believe in helping people see the potential in their selves and helping them become better individuals.