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Young Mums – Proud to be Mum


A lovely support group for pregnant young women and mums aged 19 and under. This group is a great chance to meet other young mums, get support and make plans for your future.

A crèche is provided offering a safe, fun and creative space for children to grow and learn.

Some of the lovely activities we have done in the group include:

  • Creative activities e.g. Being a Mum exhibition, photography
  • Pamper sessions
  • Mothers Day party
  • Fun activities with your children eg messy play

It felt straight away like I belonged at Getaway Girls. People don’t judge you and you know they understand. I can have fun with my daughter and have loads of new opportunities


Wednesdays 12.30 – 2.30pm at Getaway Girls, Bayswater Grove.
For more info, download the flyer below. 

If you are a young mum, please call T on 0113 240 5894 for more information or to book your place.

Professionals, click here to download a referral form. Referrals can be sent to

Some of the lovely comments our Mums have made:

Its great to meet other mums my age

I wouldn’t see anyone all week if I didn’t go to Getaway girls Proud to be Mum group

Its so friendly I enjoy the group discussions and trips out with my baby

I enjoyed it very much (non English speaking)

I like the crèche the workers are lovely its good for my son and me to have a break

Its so friendly Anita makes everyone welcome

I have made friends its great!

I’ve learned a lot about my baby and had fun

I feel free to ask questions