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How we help


Getaway Girls empowers young women to build confidence and resilience, develop new skills and take positive risks in an environment which offers co-operation and support.  We achieve this through individual support, group work, outreach, detached, residential opportunities creative arts, sports development, adventure education, training, peer support and opportunities for voice and influence.

We support very diverse groups of young women in terms of cultural backgrounds and needs. We target young women who experience barriers or discrimination including:

  • Young mums and young women at risk at early pregnancy
  • Young women who are looked after and care leavers
  • Young women who are excluded or struggled with school and college
  • Young women getting their lives back on track
  • Young women living in poverty
  • Young women who suffer/ witnessed domestic violence
  • Young women with low self- esteem/ lacking in confidence
  • Young women who are NEET
  • Young women at risk of sexual exploitation
  • Young women new to the country/ community/ asylum seekers or refugees
  • Young women who have lived experience of mental health
  • Young women with learning disabilities

We respond quickly and flexibly to needs identified by vulnerable young women and look for solutions to barriers young women face.

Some examples over the past 5 years include:

  • Development of Safe Space/ Safer Spaces – prevention/ early Intervention Service supporting girls identified as low/ medium risk of CSE. Offering Individual support, preventative group work, outreach in hot spots/ places where young women are at risk.
  • Support work with Roma young women/ Eastern European communities – developed trust with communities, groups, individual support, employed women who speak Romanian, Czech, Polish, Slovak
  • Support work with Syrian young women in partnership with Syrian Community of Leeds
  • Hardship Crisis support in partnership with GIPSIL