Hi, this is the first blog post from the Getaway Girls Side-By-Side group. Our group is a safe, supportive place where we can come together to share our stories and experiences, celebrate our successes and help each other through difficult times.  We are about to do some blog training in the group so expect to hear a lot more from us in future!

Last year we took part in a creative writing project, Our Truth, which culminated in us publishing our work, and launching the book at a special event at the White Cloth Gallery. We found the writing to be not only a really useful way to process and express our own individual thoughts and feelings, but also an amazing way to share our stories and experiences with each other. We are really keen for others to read our words, especially other young women who may be struggling with their mental health and so feel isolated and alone. We want you to know that there are other women who can empathise and understand how you maybe feeling. We hope you enjoy reading our stories, and if you are aged 18-25 and can connect in any way with what we have written then come along and join our group, it runs on Fridays 12-1.30, and we’d love to meet you.

Click here to download Our Truth Booklet, the beautiful collection of writing by participants of the Side by Side group.

We also have a limited number of hard copies of booklets available. Give us a ring on 0113 240 5894 if you would like one.