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As part of my placement, during the summer holidays, I helped with the Getaway girls pamper session. In this session there were many different activities taking place for all of the girls to get involved in. These activities included henna, hair braiding, massages, glitter tattoos, nail painting, stress ball making, face painting, fruit kebabs, making smoothies and flip flop designing. 

The activities that I helped with were fruit kebab making and stress ball making. To make the stress balls the girls filled a balloon with rice and covered it with another balloon. Some girls chose to make really big ones where as other chose to make a few smaller ones. The girls came in groups with their friends and helped each other to make them. Others came alone but still worked well with the other girls. Over all it was an enjoyable activity both to watch and take part in despite all the rice on the floor!

When making the fruit kebabs we had various fruit for the girls to choose from as well as marshmallows and chocolate. The marshmallows were very popular and we went through a few bags as well as having to start using white chocolate after running out of milk chocolate. All the girls were eager to try new fruit and try combinations they had never had before for example, oranges and chocolate. Some people filled their sticks all the way, whilst others got creative and made different patterns with their fruit.

Although I didn’t help with face painting, I did have mine done and was very impressed with my blue flowers. Everyone who had their face or arms painted had a different a unique pattern and all seemed to be enjoying showing them off along with their henna and glitter tattoos, other very popular activities.

An activity that allowed the girls to really show their creative side was flip flop designing. Although I did not do this myself, I did see that no two pairs of flip flops were the same. The girls who did take part in this were thinking of every little detail to make their flip flops exactly how they waned.

I enjoyed the whole day meeting the girls for the first time and taking part in the activities. I think the girls also enjoyed the day as every activity was very successful, with lots of girls having their names down on the lists to take part.

Katie x

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