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Hi everyone. I’m Kizzy and I’m currently on work experience placement with Getaway Girls.

So far, my work has been very mixed. My activities have included visiting primary school groups, making goody bags for our event last Saturday, doing cooking with groups and sitting in on Conversation Club, a Getaway Girls Group. I also visited the Town Hall on Wednesday for International women’s day with the rest of my colleagues. This obviously gives a wider range of experience, which is why Getaway Girls is a fantastic choice of work placement. WOW, I sound boring. It was more interesting than it sounds – I promise.

The highlights of my time have definitely been how I’ve been allowed to put my ‘artistic’ talent into my work. I started off making a timeline, for a stall on Saturday. It was originally supposed to be a collage of photos of women protesting and some magazine cuttings. However, once we had out the photos on, magazine cuttings were a bit thin on the ground, so, I filled the blank spaces on out with my cartoons.

Since my colleagues have found out I can draw, my placement has become even more fun! I’ve been drawing worried girl cartoons for Alison today, which will be used in an activity with some of her groups.

It’s brilliant to be able to do something I’m good at. Everyone at Getaway Girls has been complimenting my work, which has made me blush. I think that if I don’t choose a career in graphic design, all of the staff here will personally hit me over the head with a baseball bat!

Another highlight has been working alongside Libby. She’s really nice. Shout out to Libby, who is increasingly seeming to be my doppelganger!

Anyway, thanks for reading…it’s been fun!

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