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Hi everyone. It’s Kizzy, better known as the work experience placement. However, unlike my other blog post about work experience, we’re not here to talk about me today. We’re talking about our event on Saturday, March 11th: STAND UP FOR GIRLS LEEDS 2017.

This event was about standing up for girls… the concept isn’t too complicated. It was about promoting girls’ thoughts on issues in Leeds.

At the event, we started off with stalls. There was henna, a timeline activity about women’s rights, t-shirt design, Glitter tattoos and lots more. The venue, Broadcasting Place (better known as the Rusty Building) was decorated with balloons, posters and a washing line with pre-designed t-shirts on them, which carried slogans.

We were joined by a few famous faces too: JoJo – the Capital FM personality and possibly the best host we could have, Hannah Trigwell – a Leeds musician who has a YouTube channel with 430k subscribers and Salma Arif – the Councillor for Harehills and Gipton, Ripa – a Getaway Girls volunteer and Trustee and Lucy Russell – a Plan UK representative.

For ten minutes or so, whilst the stalls were still being run, I talked to Hannah, Salma and Sharandeep (the Getaway Girl and DJ). All three of these people were tremendously nice to me, so shout out to them!

Then, we held a panel, chaired by Bronte, of the aforementioned important faces. They answered
questions that we had prepared for each of them. The panel was short enough so as to not be boring, but long enough to be engaging and educational. I enjoyed it and asked Hannah her questions.

Then, there were workshops. We had workshops on Street Dance, music, football and Campaigning Skills/Leeds issues. Once the workshops were over, we congregated in the panel room again and listened to the music workshop do their piece. I enjoyed that piece so, so much…there are no words.

After that, flowers and chocolates were presented to a few of the people there (including me! Can you imagine having flowers and chocolates given to you and you weren’t expecting it? I was chuffed! I mean, this is an unusual event for me.)

Then, it was time to clear up. Considering that after this, I went to pick up my sister from Frankie and Benny’s where that awful birthday song is played relentlessly and mercilessly as a torture to the parents and a brain-washing mechanism for the children, I definitely would say that STAND UP FOR GIRLS LEEDS was the highlight of my day.

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