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On Thursday the 6th of July I went to Aspire in Leeds city centre with my work colleagues Sara and Beth, the Getaway Girls manager Flavia and Eve to attend an event called give love Leeds created by Leeds community foundation to talk about mental health, network with other charities and promote our work. That would have been another event for me but it was that one was an special one, because for this one I had made a short film talking about my experience in Mental health and my life and it would be displayed for everyone to see… Everyone including HRH Prince Harry! 

Everything started when I was asked by my manager if I wanted to share my experience with mental health in a video that would be show to employers in Leeds to raise awareness about mental health and young people and I agreed because I thought that it would be a great idea to participate in this cause. So I came to the getaway girls office to record the video and it was a lot more emotional than I thought I have told my story and cried in front of the camera because looking back and remembering all I have been truth is not easy for me but I am proud of myself for overcoming my difficulties and being the person that I am today. Also my colleagues Sara, Beth and Eve told their stories and how they are feeling and doing now in front of the camera which was so brave! After we all recorded the film I gore a phone call saying that Prince Harry was going to be on the event where our show was going to be seen for the first time and he wanted to meet us I was so excited I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days and days and I have even told all my family and friends!. So on the day of the event I have met with my colleagues outside the Aspire building and they were all looking awesome and really smart I also have to say that I have never in my life seen that many security in town! So we have entered to the building and we helped putting up a stall for display with stress balls, a tree to hang messages on, chocolates, etc.

About 2 hours later price Harry arrives and suddenly all room goes quiet and looking at him I was thrilled I couldn’t believe a royal was just there standing next to. When it was our turn to talk to him he gave us all a good hand shake and looked directly at us before asking about our organisation and how we help young people while talking he was so friendly, down to earth and approachable that I almost forgotten that he was a prince for a second and thought I was talking to the guy next door we gave give a copy of the book ‘our truth’ that we wrote with the help of Paulette Morris and a stress ball he liked the stress ball quite a lot because he even came back for another one!

After meeting the prince we and the rest of the attendees came downstairs to see our film and to hear speeches from HRH Prince Harry, professional rugby player Stevie ward, Emma Holmes ceo at the marketplace, Deputy Ceo of Leeds community foundation Kate Hainsworth, Tom Riordan who is a Chief executive of Leeds city council all presented By Jacqui Harper.

After that Prince harry left to go to see the Leeds Rhinos and we stayed there promoting our work and meeting with other charities.

So to conclude I would say that it was a great experience to meet Prince Harry and to help promote the awareness of mental health.

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