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On Friday 16th November around 200 participants from across the UK, were given the opportunity to have their say on some of the key barriers facing girls and young women in the UK and around the world, and the solutions that should be put in place to ensure they are able to achieve their potential.  2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the passing of the life peerages Act 1958, which enabled women to be members of the house of Lords.

We’re extremely proud to say that a group of girls and Youth Worker T from Getaway Girls were part of this group.  The event, #Girls Breaking Barriers; How can we ensure that girls and young women are able to achieve their potential in the UK and around the world?  focused on four barriers and potential solutions to be voted on in turn. Each section of the debate was opened by a participant and summarised by a member of the House of Lords.

The Four Barriers were;

  1. Girls face stereotypes in schools-assumptions about their capabilities and potential
  2. Girls do not see themselves reflected in public and political life. Positions of power tend to be held by men.
  3. Girls face harassment on the streets on a daily basis
  4. Girls do not have enough information about their bodies, healthy relationships and sexual health.

This is what the girls had to say about the experience:

I felt inspired by the guests and I felt that the opportunity to chair a debate will have a massive impact on my life and career choice

I enjoyed sitting in the seats where so many other inspiring and influential people have sat

I enjoyed getting to meet many empowering women

It was great meeting influential people and getting to speak about issues that matter to girls

Being able to meet so many inspiring women eg; Jodie Whitaker and  Baroness Lawrence was such an amazing experience

This experience was very memorable and something I won’t forget

Such a great opportunity and something I will never forget

I enjoyed meeting very inspiring women

It was an amazing experience with memorable moments that I will never forget

A beneficial and worthy experience

This was an awesome experience for Getaway girls to be a part of, and we are so proud of the girls that represented Getaway girls. Well done everyone!!


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