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Hi, my name’s, Naimah. Day of the Girl is great, an opportunity for us to raise awareness of the challenges girls face in day to day life such as accessing their rights and gender inequality, but most importantly it is a day to celebrate the empowerment of young girls worldwide. 

I was a part of the Global Girls project at Getaway girls, as a 13-year-old when I first started I enjoyed my time here, it was an escape route from school once a week, meeting and talking to girls in my peer group sharing the same passion to discuss the challenges that we still face today as girls around the world such as body image, education and expectations. My favourite memory was creating the Global Girls’ magazine (click here to download your FREE copy) and how we discussed the similar pressures/challenges that a group of girls found important to overcome, all the way from Cambodia.

A few years have passed and I am currently volunteering at Getaway girls whilst I take a gap year, I couldn’t have asked to volunteer at a better place and I look forward to all the upcoming opportunities that are ahead.

If you would like to get involved here at Getaway Girls, why not give us a call on 0113 240 5894?

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