Each year, Black History Month (BHM) is a period of acknowledgement; a chance to recognise the inequality, racism and challenges that black people face in society. It’s a time of reflection and celebration on the ways in which we have overcome such injustice.
So why? Well, BHM is a great way to remember the contributions and achievements of historical and present campaigners. On top of this, it allows people to come together, highlighting our past generation’s mistakes so that we can work to improve and create a better, safer place for us all to live.
Each year, Getaway Girls celebrate BHM with lots of fun activities. This year, it’s as important as ever and to celebrate, we’re having a Zoom party where there will be lots of music, dance, art, poetry, and even an interactive quiz!
The theme this year is Proud to Be. Proud to Be is all about black people sharing who or what they are proud to be. This campaign is a positive way of exploring the issues faced by black people today, embracing these issues to help people understand race.
As a young black woman, this is extremely important to me as I have first-hand experience of being excluded and misunderstood, simply because of the colour of my skin. I would love to see a world where the lives of black people aren’t unfairly impacted based on discrimination, where they feel able to stand by their beliefs without being judged.
Getaway Girls has always been full of positive role models; people who inspire development and encourage people to share their experiences. That is why it felt so natural for me to join the Trustees Board – it gives me the chance to advocate for young women and use my experiences to guide them.
This year, it feels like we are experiencing CHANGE. The BLM movement has resurged, footballers are taking the knee, racers are publicly speaking on black issues and popular TV channels are broadcasting all-black shows. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that a bit of publicity won’t change the world… but for me, it feels like people are LISTENING for the first time in a long time. And people are finally getting the opportunity to tell stories that they have been told to shut up about for years! We are being seen and heard.
For me, despite the horrific things we have seen in the news and on social media recently… the most important thing is for us to learn and grow. Unity is something we can all work towards, through education and understanding.
I’m proud of us for finally being proud to be black, proud to be different, proud to be brave.
Join us on Zoom on Wednesday 27th Oct 1-2pm, can’t wait to see you there!
Running order
1pm ——Welcome- Paulette Morris
1.05—— Charika song
1.10——Kadish- top 5 books/ TV to watch in Black History Month
1.15——Councillor Abigail Marshall Katung
1.20——Black History Month quiz
1.30——Joyce– interview/ song
1.35——Cara mia/ Lara Serena -poetry
1.40——Art work by young women
1.45——Shadz dance
1.50—–Tyra/ Rhianna- Black girl magic poems
1.55—–Thanks from Paulette / Charika song

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