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What I do

I am the newest member of the team for the Help through Crisis Project! At Getaway Girls. I support young women age 16-25. If you need support in money issues, living arrangements and benefits then please contact Getaway Girls as my role is the Crisis Intervention support worker and I am here to help and support.

What I did before

I have been volunteer youth worker at Getaway Girls before my new role as the Crisis Intervention support worker, I reflected on my work, and learnt to improve through supervision as a volunteer which helped me in getting my new role at Getaway Girls, I have trained and planned sessions, and also worked as part of the amazing team at Getaway Girls. Working in new settings and partnerships have helped me gain new opportunities.

I have also worked as a life coach/mentor for an organisation called Mini Mermaid Running Club (a girl’s running and self-development program). I empowered young girls to lead a healthy life, by listening to her inner voice, valuing her uniqueness, learning to love movement and discovering the finish line is just the beginning. Throughout the sessions each 1.5 hour long, I coached and lead a group of no more than ten girls through fitness, nutrition and self-development, being a small group lead to open discussion, which focused on workouts and encouragement for the girls to find their happy pace.

A bit about me

I am originally from Liverpool, but have lived in Leeds for many years, I love going to the gym and travelling. I have 3 amazing sons who are very talented, they enjoy sports activities, boxing and football. I also support them in their studies. I am currently studying for a degree in Youth and Community and love the learning journey that I am on.

I absolutely loved working with the Mini Mermaids and working at Getaway Girls and supporting all the young girls’ and  women, there is not a price that can be put on my role I do, as it is one of the most rewarding achievements to date. I passionately believe that with the support and encouragement, people have the potential to develop a positive attitude towards life.