Individual support

We offer individual support to girls with a wide range of needs.

There are three different types of support on offer, complex needs support with Womens’ Lives Leeds, practical support with Inspiring Futures and support around young women and safety with Safe Space.

Complex Needs Support

Our Complex Needs Worker (Young Women) provides specialist, intensive support for young women aged 13 – 25. For young women to access the service, they must have at least five complex needs that are not addressed by any other service.

We provide weekly or bi-weekly sessions for young women (dependent on their needs) for approximately an hour each time. The sessions are intervention based, emotionally supportive meetings, created around a support plan that the young woman and our Complex Needs Worker develop together. They are personally tailored according to the young woman’s individual needs and circumstances.

Practical Support

 We offer practical support based on the young womens’ basic needs, to help young women find stability in their lives, including:

 Finding somewhere safe to stay
Barriers faced by young women such as domestic abuse
Help with food and accessing food banks
Managing money and debt
Applying for jobs or training
Support accessing benefits and housing systems

Safe Space

We offer support to young women aged 11 – 18 at risk of sexual exploitation to help raise awareness of risks of CSE, find ways of keeping themselves safe and help them to build confidence and raise aspirations.

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Peer Support

We offer peer support groups where young women with lived experience can support each other in a safe, creative space.

Some examples include  Proud to be mums group, She writes creative writing group, Sisters- Eritrean/ Ethiopian young women’s group.

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